Digital Scrapbooking Papers

Digital Scrapbooking Papers or paper packs are exactly that, packs of papers in digital format that you can bring in any photo editing software. You use these JPEG versions of 12x12" papers to create backgrounds, photo mattes, die-cuts, etc., just as you would have used a traditional piece of paper. Of course, you're able to use these over and over again, no longer will you worry about making the "wrong cut" and wasting your supply. We've seen some customers use the same piece of paper over and over again on every layout they show. Here are some great examples of digital scrapbooking papers at DesignerDigitals in this product overview that currently are available in the store:

Digital Scrapbooking Papers
Little Princess
Naturally Krafty No. 02 Paper Pack
Naturally Krafty No. 02
Botanist Notebook No. 09 Paper Pack
Botanist Notebook No. 09
Mixed Up Playdate Scrapbooking Paper Pack
Mixed Up Playdate
Krafty Christmas Scrapbooking Paper Pack
Krafty Christmas Digital Papers
Destination Seaside Paper Pack
Destination Seaside

Our digital scrapbooking papers come in all kinds of designs. From classic to grungy, and holiday themed as well! We have top designs for Christmas, Easter, Mother's Day, 4th of July, Valentine's Day and other holidays as well. You can also find season and sports based themes for those theme specific pages.

The designers at DesignerDigitals each have a unique style too. You'll always see something to work with your digital scrapbooking style. From doodles and whimsical to the classical and everything in between.

Not happy with a color? The great thing about digital is the ability to re-color an item. We have an article in our Digital Scrapbooking Tips section on How can I recolor a paper, overlay, element or .png file? Also make sure to checkout this article on How can I improve the quality of my printed pages from Photoshop Elements?

The paper packs also work great in hybrid scrapbooking. Many people print them on high quality printers or have them printed in their local area to then use them in their traditional scrapbooking projects.

Make sure to check out all our other great digital papers in the store. Once you bring up the list you can sort by title, designer, price, date added and popularity just by clicking on the column title. If you click on the same title again it will do a reverse sort as well.

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