Digital Scrapbooking Overlays

Digital Scrapbooking Overlays are comparable to traditional transparencies. They are also PNG files, so part of the image is transparent, allowing elements beneath it on a layout to show through.

Overlays and digital scrapbooking are the perfect match! Overlays are easily re-colored to create customized papers and photos. Or re-size just a portion of your page. Crop, color, edit, or fill with a blend. The possibilities are amazing to accent and help your page and there are all sorts of tips for re-coloring your products available in our Software Support Forums! Here are some great examples of overlays at DesignerDigitals in this product overview that currently are available in the store:

Digital Scrapbooking Overlays
Filmed No. 02
Digital Scrapbooking Overlays
Grunge Overlays No. 02
Grunge Overlay No. 02
In a Strip
In a Strip Overlay
Out of a Box
Out of a Box Overlays
Messed Up No. 02
Messed Up No. 02 Overlay
Botanist Overlay

These make a great way to add a theme to your page. Because they can take up the surrounding edges of the page you can add a touch of Christmas, flowers, grunge, or frame to your page. They can also be used to add an overall effect to your digital layout as well. We also have specialty items as well such as calendars, doodles, and children playing for example.

Make sure to check out all our other great overlays in the store. Once you bring up the list you can sort by title, designer, price, date added and popularity just by clicking on the column title. If you click on the same title again it will do a reverse sort as well.

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