For the 3 Kits 3 Ways Challenge { No. 53 }on the Designer Digitals blog, I have scrapped a recipe that is a favorite family everyday standby. I grew up eating cornbread most every day, and now I still consider it my favorite bread (and I like it better than cake)! One of our son’s called to ask me how to make cornbread one day several years ago, and I had no idea how much of anything I used . . . I just poured in a little of this and a pinch of that. So, I measured the next time I made it, and wrote our son this letter along with the {measured} recipe.
Dear Mark, This is how I make my cornbread which we all love. I am sure that either Mother or Aunt Velma told me how to make it. I don’t use a recipe normally, so I measured everything so I could write it down for you. If you follow this, your cornbread will be perfect every time. Use this also to make corn muffins and corn sticks. There is nothing better with pinto beans, with vegetable soup or with a meatloaf dinner than hot out of the oven cornbread. I love it plain but I really love it split with butter and sugar. I have always loved it this way, and I think that Charles Richard taught me to eat cornbread and sugar when I was a little girl down at Mama’s house! Daddy loved cornbread too, and would crumble leftovers into a big glass of fresh buttermilk. I never developed a taste for that, but those who do, just love it. I use my leftovers to make Cush. I love you, Mom

The 3 Challenge Kits:
2 Celebrate paper pack – Katie Pertiet
Midnight Alphabet – Lynn Grieveson
Ticket Label Rub-Ons – Jesse Edwards
and, a few extras from the DD store:
Dripped Stains No 03 BrushSet – Anna Aspnes
Everyday Hand-Drawn Brushes – Ali Edwards
French Summer kit – Lynn Grieveson
Golden Bay kit – Lynn Grieveson
Index Journalers Curled-n-Flat – Katie Pertiet
Ali Edwards Layered Template No 01 – Ali Edwards
Notebook paper pack No 03 - Katie Pertiet
Worn Stars - Lynn Grieveson