This monochromatic page is for the Daily Dose challenge, and uses Kayleigh's amazing layout from the May 29th calendar page for inspiration! The photographs are of our youngest grandson made a year ago while he was about three years old. Almost one year later, he still loves his froggy shirt and wants to wag it around everywhere with him!

Journaling: “My Froggy”! How many times have we heard this plaintive little cry? How many times has Mark wanted to wear his froggy shirt and couldn’t find it because his mama had to put it in the washing machine? The froggy is legend now in our lives . . . we will never forget one little tiny boy and this one much loved shirt. Well, really it turned out to be two much loved shirts . . . only Mark didn’t know that his mama had found a spare shirt just in case the worst happened and the original got lost. The shirt saga began with just an ordinary little shirt that matched a pair of green checked shorts in the spring of 2007 when Mark was two years old. He became very attached to the shirt and loved to rub on the bottom or sleeve hems. It became his “blankie”. He wanted to wear it every day, sleep in it or carry it with him. The carrying came in to being when he wanted to wear his froggy to church on Sunday! Once when Papa & Monnie took him to their church, he was holding on to it and before we knew what was happening, Mark stood up in the pew and pulled it over his church clothes! What a special little character this boy is! We love hearing of all of the “froggy” escapades that happen in his life. The little smocked froggy tee shirt has played an important part in his life for almost two years. The shirts are too small now, but he still wants to wear it . . . but mostly resorts to carrying it these days!

12x12 Distressed Edge Overlays No 03 – Anna Aspnes
100% Boy kit – Mindy Terasawa
Ally Oop Alphabet – Lynn Grieveson
Curled Notebook Paper – Katie Pertiet
Date Strips No 03 – Katie Pertiet
Graphic Pop Basics paper pack – Katie Pertiet
Krafty Blank Safety Tags – Katie Pertiet
Love You Sentiment Stacks – Ali Edwards
Notebook No 02 paper pack – Katie Pertiet
Photo Clusters No 03 – Katie Pertiet
Staple Its! – Pattie Knox
Fonts used are Palatino Linotype & ITC Avant GardeGothic