The minute you saw Shamu jump out of the water you were captivated. After all we live in a landlocked state and we don't see things like this everyday. We could have left you in front of his tank to watch him swim all day. He was so powerful but looked so extremely gentle. We had no idea how much you adored him until we bought you the Shamu stuff animal. You squealed and instantly said "My Shammie!". You have been calling him that ever since. You don't go any where without your Shammie. I just love how you came up with your own version of his name. Now the movie Free Willy is watched daily. It was collecting dust before along with a bunch of other old VHS... but it has been revived so that you can see your Shammie everyday!

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Katie Pertiet
File Labels
Flossy Stitches

Michelle Martin
Layered memories #43

Ali Edwards
Stitched Background (recolored)

Art Warehouse
Beloved Paper

ROb and Bob Studios
Pickadilly Paper

Patti Knox
Have A heart Vol 1&2