A layout of my dh Robin. He is always so sweet for me. A few weekends ago he was working in the garden and we were just talking about a flower border. I said that I would like that. I went back inside, because i was ironing and when I came outside again he was already making the flower border. It was a big surprise and I had a very big smile on my face. Sometimes I think it is a shame that I didn't met him 10 years earlier, but everything has it reason...I know. Now we are 4 years together and at the end of this month we are married two years and I loved every minute of it....almost every minute ... sometimes we quarrel, but not often ;-)

I used:

Brushes (flower and date stamp) by Katie Pertiet
Stitched flower by Cassie Jones (tutorial PS I love you #2). I love Cassie's tutorials!
and others.

Thanks for looking!