The Heritage Challenge No. 02 is up on the DD Blog ! I hope that you will join in on the fun and create a layout of your own and post it in the Heritage Gallery here at Designer Digitals! Click the Designer Digitals Blog to see what this weeks challenge is all about.

I have made a double page layout for the challenge this week. The this second page contains all of my journaling. I remember so much about my third grade year in 1953 . . . and it was so much fun to revisit that year for my pages. I have tinted my dress blue so my children will know who I am in the photo!

Journaling: Today is school picture day and we all dressed up. I have had perfect attendance . . . until this week. Now, I have the mumps! I am missing a week of school, but Mother brought me for just a few minutes so I could have my picture made with my friends. I would be very sad if I couldnít have a picture to remember this special year. Ma Ruby is my teacher this year and I love her so much. I have known her since I was a baby and Jenny is Ma Rubyís granddaughter. I love Jenny too . . . she is my best friend. We spend the night at each otherís house and at Ma Rubyís pretty log house too sometimes. Ma Ruby makes good pancakes and lets us to fun things, like play in the woods and stay up late and listen to her read us a story. Ma Ruby sells us tickets at the Princess Theater when we can go to a picture show too, because she works at the box office too. We pay 15 cents to see the show. In the 3rd grade we are learning cursive writing & multiplication. We read a lot & write stories. I love art and playing outside on the playground. Ma Ruby is a really good teacher! But, I have to call her Mrs. Hill when I am at school . . . that it hard to remember. For lunch, I walk to Mamaís house to eat with Mama and Aunt Velma. Mama cooks good things. I love to eat at her house, and if I eat all of my lunch I love watch the Mickey Mouse Club on television before I walk back to Capshaw.

A Bit of Grunge No 02 paper pack by Katie Pertiet
Alphabet Ribbons No 01 by Katie Pertiet
Baby Blue Patterns and Solids papers by Ali Edwards
Calida paper pack by Michelle Martin
Calida paper pack by Michelle Martin
CurvyCorner Stitched Blocks No 02 by Anna Aspnes
Cut-Up Black and White by Katie Pertiet
Felt Board Friends: School Days-w-alphabet by Pattie Knox
Have a Heart Felt Vol 02 by Pattie Knox
Notebook Paper Pack by Katie Pertiet
Photography Hand Drawn Brushes by Ali Edwards
Printed Paper Alphabet by Pattie Knox
Rounded Corner Clipping Masks Brushes by Katie Pertiet
School Words No 01 Hand-Drawn Brushes by Ali Edwards
School Words No 02 Hand-Drawn Brushes by Ali Edwards
Vintage Photo Frames No 01 Curled-n-Flat by Katie Pertiet