I didn't use the paper from the heritage chat so perhaps this doesn't count... I took up the challenge to use a big 3D element to recreate something from my childhood. Photos are the ones that were in the box. Medals and badge are my grandfather's. Stick pin is a recent fundraiser.
Book plate, label and box frame are from the chats.
Paper by Katie from an Ad freebie
Stacked Vintage Frames No 02
Carded Stacked Frames No 03
and lots of extreme shadows using techniques adapted from How'd They Do That? No 13: Bending Shadows
(a must-have tutorial!)
grunged up with a bit of Dripped Stains No 01 ToolSet and Grunge Overlays No 02
(Probably would have been a lot easier to have put it all on a table and taken a photo!!)
Oh, and that's my handwriting font.

ETA: Tip- To make the photos look like they were IN the box I had to put a shadow layer over all of the photos - darker on the top right. Otherwise it looked weirdly like they were floating in the air!