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Last Words
Problem Secretary
How do you take the measure of a school year? By its high points, lowpoints, the combination of those points? By your feelings throughout or your overall feelings at the end? Joshua, your 6th grade year found you, once again, the first one out of the house each morning, often in the dark. Your teachers were tough. REALLY tough. Mr. Parsons, Ms. Becker, Ms Fontaine, Mr Mac. Math sucked. Science rocked. You were worried a lot. You had hours of math homework every week, sometimes every night. You climbed a mountain in freezing rain and had the lead in Aladdin and hiked the entire NH seacoast. You loved band and Mr. Nasberg -- in fact starting every day with band while the others were in advisory. Your teachers were not especially warm. It took them way too long to get to know you. You learned to keep track of things and assignments. You enjoyed several friends. You learned a lot. You had major accomplishments. I like to say you earned your “Phoenix Chops.” And when I said that to the principle, I was told that THAT was why your old team of teachers had been disbanded. Now that it’s done, you and your teammates take a lot of pride in all you did and endured. And I know there are parts of it you wouldn’t trade away. I think you would go through it again. The lows sure were low, and the highs were extraordinary.