We kept one of our three year old grandson’s all week and had so much fun with him. He is a true little character and keeps us laughing most of the day . . . well, that is except for the trip that I took him on to get new Church shoes for Easter. (I wasn’t laughing then!) His favorite thing was to go to the farm with his Papa. And, BTW . . . I am so proud of his Papa . . . he took all of these photos with his tiny, tiny camera! When I saw Anna’s newest template, I knew that these photos would be terrific for it! Thanks Anna . . . I love this template! P.S. It will be in the store soon.

My Journaling: Well, I guess that we think Mark is pretty cute. And, I guess that we think Mark is pretty clever and funny too. But, what no one knew is that Mark is quiet the little farmer as well! When Papa asked Mark if he wanted to go to the farm, he hopped into his farmer overalls and found the little boots outside along side of Papa’s big boots. Now all he needed was some long socks to keep the boot from rubbing his legs raw. Monnie found a pair of old socks that once belonged to James that were just exactly what Mark needed. The fact that they were too big, and that they belonged to James made them all the more perfect in Mark’s eyes! When he wasn’t wearing the socks, he was carrying them around just like a wonderful treasure. At the farm, the baby calves just took to Mark like they had known him forever. If he walked one direction, the calves followed like little puppy dogs would. The previous day we had hours and hours of very heavy and much needed rains. This resulted in lots of mud and overflowing creeks; and this resulted in lots of fun splashing, running and jumping in the water for Mark. Maybe someday you can tell Papa what was the most fun. Was it playing with the calves, wearing the socks, splashing in the water & mud, the rides in the Gator or looking for piles of cow poo-poo?

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A Bit of Grunge No 02 paper pack from Katie Pertiet
Ally Oop Alphabet - Lynn Grieveson
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Layered Tissue Autumn Paperie from Anna Aspnes
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