Last week we kept two of our young grandchildren while their parents were in Hawaii, the children played their hearts out and we entertained them royally. I think that all four of us had a wonderful week of fun! By the end of the week and the night before their mama and daddy came home, this little guy was worn out. He came up with this “prize winning” excuse for not helping me clean up the toys. It amazed me how he immediately told me the reason that he wasn’t able to help me pick up! I wanted to scrap this for him, so he can get as big a laugh from it as his Papa and Monnie {me} have. P.S. When they went home, we were the ones that were exhausted. Now our family has a classic memory, and I have a wonderful reason for not picking up after myself . . . I get a case of the "wobbly legs"!

This is our conversation:
Me - Andy, can you help me pick up the toys before you go back home?
Andy - I can't do it right now Monnie.
Me - We really need to work some on it tonight.
Andy - I just can't
Me - Why?
Andy - My arms are too wobbly.
Me - What is the matter with your arms, honey?
Andy - just wobbly.
Me - Well, maybe you could bring the red basket to me that holds all of the little animals. OK?
Andy -Well . . . my legs are wobbly too & I can’t walk so good!
Me -ummm . . . I guess that we should probably go to see the doctor in the morning. What do you think?
Andy - no . . the doctor doesn't understand wobbly.
Me - {speechless and laughing!} I then told him, that perhaps going to bed about five minutes early might make them feel better.
The next morning when I heard Andy waking up, I went into the bedroom and he popped his little head up and said; “Monnie, those five minutes worked. I can move my arms just fine and my legs too, now I don’t need to go to see the doctor” anymore!

Basic Twills Playtime Collection – Katie Pertiet
Cracked Alphabet No 01 – Lynn Grieveson
Domesticity Hand-Drawn Words – Ali Edwards
Everyday Hand-Drawn Brushes – Ali Edwards
Hand Drawn Overlay Grid No 01 – Ali Edwards
Little Enamel Elements: Cars and Trucks – Pattie Knox
Naturally Krafty No 03 paper pack – Katie Pertiet
School Words No 01 Hand-Drawn Brushes – Ali Edwards
Watery Washes brushes-n-stamps – Katie Pertiet
Fonts used are: Ali’s Handwriting, Decker & Century