This a page showing just what some of us did during the Super Bowl last month. We played ball, we cooked, we played games & we watched the game {only}when the Cardinals were scoring! Our seven year old is a good Boggle player . . . we did play by his second grade rules and let one and two letter words count. He beat me fair and square, and I love to beat my grandchildren playing board games!

Journaling: Scott brought the boys over to watch the Super Bowl on television with us tonight. The game was just so so to a few of us until the end, and James was one of the ho-hum fans. The three boys cooked waffles & bacon rather than ordering pizza, and then played with two new glitter balls that Papa brought home from the sports store. James, you came prepared to keep the ballgame score with a pencil and a new notepad that your mom made. You are learning to read and write so very well this year. While playing Boggle, you kept score with the notepad & used your new reading skills too. After the half was over, you pulled out the Boggle game for us to play. You get to play it in school, and you really are pretty good. You beat me by a mile!

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