I love Sarah’s cute top ten layout . . . the Daily Dose Calendar is so awesome . . . the layouts are amazing . . . a sight to behold if you haven’t already seen it and used it for inspiration!

I have made three lists of ten things each that I wanted to be when I grew up – my lists changed! One list is from 1954, the year that I was nine years old, another is from 1963, the year that I finished high school and the last list is one that I made this year. My wants, needs, plans and desires have changed through the years, but in many ways they have remained the same. I still {oh, woe is me} think of what I will do when I grow up! The photograph is one of me with my next door neighbor, Howard. We were dressed as cowboy & cowgirl and were riding in a 1954 parade for a rodeo that was in town. I found this quotation awhile back, and it jumped into my mind when I was thinking about what sort of page I would do for Deena and this challenge. Love e.e. cummings so much ... and, I just love this quote!

Journaling: The two of us had fun. The two of us made plans. The two of us grew up to be people that we could have never dreamed of. You taught me about your chemistry set and your building blocks. I wanted to learn to build houses and to work in a laboratory. You wanted to be a doctor and I wanted to be a ballet dancer and an artist. We both wanted to be cowboys and ride horses. You became a dentist and I became a teacher. Now I am a grandmother and I lost track of you. I wonder where you are, and who you are now? We finally did grow up! I love my life today. Do you? Would I know you any more? Do you still have dreams of times when you were a little boy full of idea and plans?

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