So, OK... this is way out of order, but it actually was the first "December Daily" layout I did... I just HAD to scrap the moment! (Which is illustrated horribly in the focal photo! LOL)

So, you’re wondering: What’s amazing? Certainly not that I was on my computer that evening. And, certainly not that Derek spent most of the day playing video games. And, nothing amazing about Shannon and I Christmas shopping either! Here’s the deal... our neighbors (kitty-corner across Tradewinds) had a big party--they always have big parties! So, we weren’t surprised when the music started and it was loud. Very loud. Like “front-row-rock-concert” loud. But, it was just drums. Even opening the side door, we only heard drums. I joked that it sounded like the USC Marching Band! After 15-20 minutes of the drums (which actually did sound pretty cool!), it stopped. Then, a few whistles and even louder drums! So, I peeked over our side yard wall and was amazed to see the Long Beach Drums Corps (they had a banner) marching, in formation, out of the yard and down the street! Now, that’s pretty amazing! And, unique entertainment for a holiday party! (I tried to snap a quick photo, but the little camera couldn’t catch the action... darn.) But, it was so cool... as was the music the DJ then played for a few hours after. I kept hearing great dance tunes and I’d run to open the side door (letting in the freezing cold air!) and sing and dance in the kitchen... yep, by myself. In the kitchen. Pretty amazing, huh?

Paper: Naturally Krafty 05 paper pack
Brush, Title Page: Positive Adverbs Hand-Drawn Brushes
Brush, Photo Page: The Story of Today Overlays
Brads: Brad Bonanza No 03: Digital Fasteners

Thanks for looking! Debi