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The sight of you three takes me straight back to my days of sunning next to hayfields on this farm in upstate NY. Oh, the indulgence of sunning oneself as others labored nearby -- the bravura involved in attempting a suntan in a place that has as many overcast days a year as it does sunny. Iím quite sure my brothers (one of them your dad) and my own dad thought I was a little addled and that I certainly didnít ďgetĒ their lives. And I didnít. I planned to go to college for international business and get a job making lots of money so that I could hire someone to watch my children and do my housework. Oh--and I would be living in a city.

Yep. Iím pretty sure I had (and voiced) those plans. And I did go to college. And I did go off to Washington DC. And I had some international relationships and I worked a lot and commuted and ate at nice restaurants and travelled on business so much I was doing my laundry at hotels. And it was good for a while.

But you guys know where I ended up. In fact, the life I live now is the life youíve always known me living. I live in the country in a small college town in New Hampshire and Iím a stay-at-home mom to your cousins and I do all the dishes and I donít make a lot of money,

AND . . . I love to come visit you and I love to see my boys playing with you and I love seeing all of you BE on this land as I once WAS on this land