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Joshua, When I asked you what you really wanted to do this summer, you said you wanted to go to an Anime convention (Isaac wanted to go to a baseball game). You found one online that was to be in Boston, and while the date and location kept getting changed, you kept your eye on it and kept insisting that we were going. None of your friends had any interest in this, and poked kind fun at you for your passion about it. I didn’t really “get” what this was and tried to dissuade you, offering up other ideas, but you were insistent.
It wasn’t until we were almost there—on the last Saturday of August—that I found out you were nervous. I actually said that I was a little nervous.
“You’re nervous?” you said, and proceeded to tell me that didn’t help your own nervousness. You were dressed in the Gintoki costume we’d made for Halloween along with a treasured bokken you’d tracked down online. It was surreal parking in the structure for the convention center and seeing others walking by in outfits with wings, odd headdresses, weapons, hoods, and so much more. That’s the point where I think my 12-year-old self would have lost nerve and gone home. But you collected yourself and we made that walk across the structure, too. In the lobby we saw that the participants’ ages ranged from 11ish to early 20s. We saw that people were into this. There were parents dropping off teenagers and then some other moms like myself with younger kids—sticking out in our khakis and summer Ts.
You wanted me close for the early hours of the event and you did a lot of watching from the sidelines, but finally you were able to go off a bit and enter into the activities while I stayed on the edge with my laptop. Activities included a dancing lesson, skit improvs, a vendor area with lots of Japanese and anime-related stuff, board games, a large video game area, and a life-sized chess game with the pieces being people behaving like their characters and using their particular anime skills to remove other pieces. For you, it was affirming to see and meet so many others with this interest. You found cool stuff at the shopping area. You enjoyed being recognized as GinToki and asked where you’d purchased your bokken. You were happy to come in 2nd in a video game competition and totally found irony in a college kid wearing one of those school-boy-uniform costumes winning while playing as Peach. It was definitely interesting and different and you had a really fine time—you’d found a group of people who shared your interests and enjoyed their company for the day.