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Dad had just pulled the last locked door shut when he realized: all of the keys were in the house -- including the keys to the van we’d just packed for our drive to the airport and our flight to California! That was the bad news. The good news was: we were running early because he’d wanted to stop at the library on the way (only Dad would leave time for the library before a flight ;-)) Anyway, he was seriously panicking, talking of breaking a window, pulling out the ladder and getting ready to climb to the upstairs deck--the lock of which was NEVER giving. He wasn’t really making sense. I realized that he saw himself as in this alone. He wasn‘t hearing our suggestions and thought he had to fix things with no help. At that point, I stopped him & got him to listen & consider the idea you boys had of crawling in a very small basement window.
We picked the one window that wasn’t blocked by appliances or boxes or the fuel tank --the one with a workbench beneath it. There was no way Isaac was letting Josh go alone, & once Josh was in--careful to avoid the circular saw--he caught Isaac & guided him to the bench. The two of you made your way through the darkish basement and upstairs. I LOVE the looks on your faces here, opening the door and inviting us in. You were our heroes on this day.