Why do kids seem to confide in the family they perceive as “cool”? In my family, it’s my sister Lynn. The nieces, nephews, and now even my son dish their secrets up so easily. At my birthday dinner, I couldn’t help but overhear Jake talking to Aunt Lynn, and the word “girlfriend” wafted through the air. It hung there, suspended, in full view for a mom’s inspection. I tried not to pounce. I know it’s a mistake to show hunger for information.

Me: (causally) So, you have a girlfriend? Really?
Jake: (being cool) Yes.
Me: How do you know she’s your girlfriend? Does she hold your hand?
Jake: No mom. (Looking sheepish)
Me: Does she sit beside you at lunch?
Jake: No! Mommmm!
Me: Well, how do you know she’s your girlfriend?
Jake: Because she’s in love with me.

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