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Winter Ice Paper Pack
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JOURNALING for “Power Outage Day 5:” Tuesday, December 16, 2008 was day 5 without power for many of us in New Hampshire, and the point at which everyone in the Niman home was staying in bed as long as possible – not even feeling like stoking the fire early, not feeling like figuring out how yet another day with no electricity would go. We had become frozen--not as in cold, but as in unable to function normally--preparations for Christmas were halted, work as we knew it was stalled. Rumor was we’d be getting power by 11pm . . . the NEXT day, but at this point, we just didn’t know what to think.
The rolls that Iz and I tried to make in a frying pan on the wood stove burned while we got lost in our puzzles (Akari for me--& sadly I was now able to do “hard” ones). Neil had been bearing up the best I’d ever seen in a power outage, but today, we were all feeling discouraged--though at least his exams were getting graded. Isaac tricked Joshua out of bed with the promise of crescent rolls—which we’d just burned and put out on the deck so they wouldn’t smell up the house.
There was no way I was leaving the house until my new laptop arrived & I kind of just wanted to be alone to wallow in puzzles & bring order to the house, so Neil and the boys set out for his office and warmth and computers, while I tidied, & carried in wood--getting things in order for when we finally got power. The computer’s arrival was the high point of the day for me. A party given by the UNH President (to which Neil was invited) was the high point for the boys--they experienced their first chocolate fountain! & while it might have been nice if they’d held back on the buffet since they were technically party crashers, everyone was in storm mode & feeling generous & cookie-grabbing boys were welcome (it did help that the President’s kids are the same age and came, too).
For dinner, it was an office picnic of pizza from DHOP & goodies from the DuMP (Durham Market Place). At dinner time, there was no news about whether school would open the next day, BUT there was news of a significant amount of snow moving in in the early hours--so we just stayed until 9ish—me loving getting my new laptop set up—and all of us charging our electronics for some screen time at home the next morning. Before bed, the boys did the snowstorm-pj routine . . . which I really didn’t think was a good idea since that was what they did the night before all of this started.