Journaling "After Christmas, we took our annual ski trip this year to Taos, New Mexico. The 8 hour drive down was pleasant with the boys as we all took turns watching movies. We rented a studio condo with a loft which was spacious and located a mile down from the slopes. Our ski trip planned for 3 skiing/snowboarding days. The first two ski days were amazing. The weather was sunny, clear skies, no wind, and very warm. How wonderful for winter skiing! Most skiers had unzipped jackets thoughout the day....Cole actually took off his coat to snowboard. Nunzio had not skiied in Taos before, so Chase and I took him all over the mountain to ski (even the backside). He thought it was really cool. Chase and I skied pretty hard the first day. Chase’s knees began to bother him (slight swelling) so he stayed in the condo the next two days relaxing and watching movies. The 2nd day, just as warm and beautiful, Cole snowboarded while Nunzio and I discovered more trails on the mountain. We had a wonderful day enjoying the snow and sunshine. Then, on the 3rd day we all came down with a stomach virus. We were too sick to ski, as badly as we wanted to, it was just not possible. We spent the morning in the condo, venturing out in the afternoon to get some fresh air (and build a snowman). We played some games and watched more movies to pass the time. The next morning, everyone woke up early feeling much better. Although sad to leave the slopes we were also anxious to return home. The drive home was fun as we stopped by Target to buy more movies to see us though the long."
Katie - Snow Kit, Chunky White Chipboard Alpha, Wax Seals, Jack Frost Kit, Filmed Template 3, Date Strips
Anna - Stitched by Anna white
Patti - Acrylic Snowflakes
Lynn - Worn Pages