This layout is for Deena's new "Daily Dose" challenge No. 01 on the DD blog! Check it out: Designer Details . These Daily Dose challenges are going to be such fun. For my layout, I have used Pattie’s Speed Byte No. 68. I rotated the torn paper strip, resized the vertical paper strips, and added a frame to the photograph mask. The template was made for an 8.5 x 11 page, and I used it on my 12 x 12 page. I love templates, and love to make them my own! ~ My photograph is from 1975 and it is not at all great . . . that is to anyone but our family! I tried to sharpen it up a bit, but I was disappointed in it still. Our two older children still remember the Christmas that Santa came to our house and brought toys from his pack. The younger two children only remember from hearing the story from us. We lived in a very small subdivision while my husband was stationed at Ft. Monmouth New Jersey, and everyone knew everyone knew everyone else there. It would be a bit unusual for us to say yes to a stranger who wanted to visit our children by today’s standards, but we were a bit more trusting back then I think. The little store that was named the Cracker Barrel was way before the chain of restaurants appeared, it was only a small country store.

Journaling: Yesterday, your daddy walked to the little Cracker Barrel store in the town where we lived in New Jersey with the three of you and with Phillip, Jeffry & Tony to get a little snack & to give you all something fun to do together. While you were there, a big long black Cadillac pulled over and a man got out to ask your daddy if all of the six of you little boys were his. He said that three of you were neighbors. The man then asked if Santa Claus was going to visit you on Christmas Eve, and you said a big yes! Then, he quietly asked your daddy if it would be o.k. if he came to our house early on Christmas Eve in a Santa suit to pay a visit to you. Well, in late afternoon of the 24th, the doorbell rings, and in walks Santa saying “ho ho ho Merry Christmas”! He had a long white beard, a beautiful red velvet suit, shinny black boots & a hat with a real fur cuff! You couldn’t keep your eyes off of him! When he came up the stairs he was carrying a huge sack and he gave each of you a nice toy. ~ He then patted you on the heads and took the little plate sugar cookies that we had fixed up for Santa’s treat, and left to visit to more nice little boys & girls. We found out awhile later, that our nice Santa was member of the Mafia & would visit various children on Christmas Eve each year, before flying to Miami for the holidays.

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