Two of our grandchildren were with us for a few days before Christmas when it was much calmer than when all seven of them were here. I enjoy making cookies and gingerbread houses with the children, but too many little hands at once makes for lots of broken gingerbread . . . two little one was perfect! Little Cassie only turned two in November, but she has a huge vocabulary & is just as sharp as a tack! We were very surprised that she understood how to use the word pretending just when she needed it! {She enjoyed making the house & loved eating the forbidden candy! And, I love that now when I eat something that I know isn't good for me, I can 'tend that it is good for me just like Cassie did.}

Journaling: While Andrew & Cassie were here without the other grandchildren, we decided that it was a good time to make gingerbread houses. We really wanted to wait until Cassie took her nap, but today she decided that it was a no nap day! All went well though . . . the icing went on without a hitch, and the two of them loved putting candy all over the place! Their mama said to little Cassie after several big mouthfuls of candy, that perhaps she shouldn’t eat so much candy as it wasn’t good for her. And, then Cassie piped up and said just like a grownup, “I ‘tending that it is!”

Border Templates No 03
Enchanted paper pack {black paper}
Gingerbread Lane kit
Iced Delights-Striped alphabet
Photo Clusters No 05
Studio 70 kit (stitched circle}
Fonts used are MP Dorset & CK Ali’s Handwriting