{I will print this and paste it on the back side of my printed page} I have wanted to scrap this photograph of our youngest child . . . our precious only daughter for awhile, but have scrapped the digital photos on my hard drive rather than take the time to scan this one. I love this shot for many reasons, first of all just because she looks so dang cute sitting there on Santa’s knee, and because she was our only “true believer” that year. Her three brothers at 8, 10 & 12 years old were wise to that Santa guy, and this little one at the tidy age of six was at the height of Santa-ness in 1981! Her sweet brothers had gone along with her in kindness, probably remembering their own tenuous grasp on Santa’s fleeting visits from their "younger years", and I am sure that they realized that Mama & Daddy would lay a heavy hand on the one who burst her sweet bubble! My favorite thing from the letter that Bess wrote that year is that she said, “I have been a good girl and a nice girl.” We all knew that there was something special about her then, and she is very special still. She was and has always been a wonderfully good and nice young lady. The little red Christmas skirt that she is wearing was her favorite thing ever to wear! My Aunt Velma made it for her just before Christmas that year, and she wore it for three seasons {we had to add a bit to the bottom the third year}! If you were a kid in the 1950’s, you will remember when felt circular skirts were the rage for girls. Aunt Velma made me a white felt Christmas skirt when I was seven . . . with all sorts of sparkly trees, candy canes, Santas and bells all over it. This little skirt had sequins galore and was lots and lots of fun for her to wear!

I saved (and scanned) her letter to Santa . . . it reads as follows: Dear Santa I want a battery operated dog family and a battery operated leash control Bassethound. and a fluffy cat. baby swan . and a Knickerbocker Dolly pop . and a kenner Strawberry Shortcake shoppe . and a mattel western barbie . and a moppets Secret doll house . and a New istting white bear . and a battery operated cicciobello. and a New Sesame Street. I have been a good girl and a nice girl. What i want most of all all all all is a puppy or a kitten. and a puppy puppet and a Pretty Looking doll. Love, Bess

Fall Orchard kit – Katie Pertiet
Jolly Red Suit Kit – Pattie Knox
Midnight Alphabet – Lynn Grieveson
Postmarked Holidays Brushes and Stamps No. 02 – Katie Pertiet
Posted Santa Postage Stamps No. 02 – Katie Pertiet
Quik Notes – Katie Pertiet
Speed Byte No 116 - Pattie Knox
Vintage Flashcard Words-Holiday MegaPak – Katie Pertiet
Fonts used are AEnigma Scrawl & MP Palisade
Postage Stamp from 1981 is one that I had saved . . . it was a 20 cent stamp!