The photographs are from last week when my four year old grandson helped me make sugar cookies. The recipe is from my Aunt Jinny {who will be 97 in a few weeks}. Aunt Jinny would always have a batch of these made up when we would visit, and would give each of our children a little sack to eat in the car when we left their house. She gave me the recipe when we married, along with many other of her favorites in 1966, and by that time she had used it for at least 25 years of baking these yummy, crunchy and easy little cookies!

Journaling: Today I picked you up from pre-school . . . what fun this is for me. It just really boosts my ego to see you so happy & excited to see me! We went to the Farmerís Co-op to see the trains, & the Christmas trees: you had a wonderful time there ... the trains were such fun! As we were enjoying them, a real train passed on the tracks adjacent to the building blowing his whistle at full throttle, & nearly scaring us to death! We left there; stopped at the grocery store & then to our house to bake cookies. You are such a serious little cook. I love seeing your little face really looking at all of the measurements just as if you knew exactly what they said! You can crack eggs with the best of us, pick up just the right amount of batter with your spoon, & you are an expert colored sugar sprinkler too!

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