These photos are from a recent visit to see our grandchildren in their church Christmas play. We always get lots of chuckles & memories from this little guy and his antics! He definitely keeps his mama & daddy on their toes. A couple of my photos are blurry, but I love them anyway. When I asked him what he was doing on top of the washing machine, he said "I am waiting for my Spiderman"!

My journaling: Today . . . Monnie got to spend the day with you at your house! I got into the car with Papa, you, Mary Paul & your mama for the short drive to your school. I had to sit in the floor, because with two car seats, there wasnít enough room for me to sit on a seat! In the afternoon, your mama picked you two up from school and we went back to your house to do some playing outside in the leaves, working a puzzle with Mary Paul, and then getting ready for supper, and bedtime. You love pajamas, and had put on a pair after school today, but when it came time for your bath & bedtime, you would wear nothing but the Spiderman P.J.ís, and they were in the washing machine! So, you climbed upon the jiggling machine using the big Tide box for a ladder, and sat there until they finished washing! You got to put them into the dryer yourself, and ate supper while they were drying. I love that big grin that was on your face, when you could put those warm and dry Spiderman pajamas on before bed.

When I asked you what you wanted Santa Claus to bring you on Christmas morning, you told me that you want Spiderman stickers and more Spiderman pajamas that are warm! Mary Paul is going to be a sheep in the Christmas play at church, and you said that you are going to be Spiderman at church!

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