This layout is for the 3Kits3Ways Challenge on the Designer Digitals Blog for this week. I love using our old family photos for layouts, and I especially enjoyed doing a page from this very special Christmas morning from nearly 40 years ago of our two oldest children.

My Journaling: Christmas morning is finally here for you two little boys and for your mommy & daddy too! This is the first year that Michael has understood just what all of the excitement of the holiday is about. Mark likes the tree, but is not nearly as interested in the pretty decorations as he is about taking the ornaments of the tree an putting them into the stockings that are hanging from the old ladder bookcase that your daddy made when we first moved into base housing at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. Last year; you see, your daddy was in Viet Nam for Christmas, so he didn’t get to watch you run to the tree, and play with your new toys, or learn to sing “Frosty the Snowman”. He didn’t get to be a part of Mark’s first Christmas, or help put our tree up, and watch you dig into your stockings. So you see, this Christmas is pretty special to all of us this year.

This Christmas, you got a Winnie the Pooh group of stuffed animals that your mommy & daddy made for you, an Indian headdress, a little helicopter, and a squeaky Santa Clause. There was a little riding toy under the tree too. Michael loved his Indian hat, but Mark loved the two saucepans that mommy got for Christmas best of all . . . they made just the very best drums imaginable! Today, we ate our ..Christmas dinner with all of the soldiers at the Mess Hall. You each wore a little red velveteen suit that mommy made for you out of an dress of hers, and you looked so sweet. There was a roast pig on the center table with an apple in its mouth that you were both afraid of! When we got back home, we read you a new Christmas book, and tucked you each into your little bed. It was a good sleep for our two tired little boys!

12x12 Painted Edge Overlays No 02 – Anna Aspnes
Fanciful Felt: By The Chimney - Pattie Knox
Cracked Alphabet No 01 – Lynn Grieveson
Krafty Christmas paper pack – Katie Pertiet
Mega Tag Pack – Katie Pertiet
Stitched By Anna White No 01 – Anna Aspnes
Trim the Tree:Ornaments – Pattie Knox
Twilled Dates – Katie Pertiet
Font used is Century Gothic