Page no. 2 for my “these are a few of my favorite {Christmas} things” book.
I thoroughly enjoy the influx of holiday catalogues that fly daily into our mailbox. My husband loves the Cabela's catalogue and thinks that the others are just filling up the landfills! I agree that they are a blight for our land, but I secretly can't wait for them to come. I really don't know how to stop them from coming though . . . I would actually love to only get two or three of the hungry hoards of them!

Journaling: When bakers’ dozen Christmas catalogues slip in a windfall harvest into our mailbox in one afternoon, I grab a cup of coffee, and settle in with my cozy robe & slippers for an evening of armchair window shopping! The whole scene gets incrementally better if it is cold outside & we have a blazing fire in the fireplace. But, where do some of these myriads of pulp come from? I have never heard of some of them, and have never made a purchase from most of them! It is the old favorites like Pottery Barn Kids, Land’s End, and American Girl that I enjoy so much & page through & sigh over.

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Happy Christmas Kit – Jesse Edwards
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