Ali Edwards: The Story of Today Overlays

Can't believe how much difference one tooth makes.

Journaling reads:
With every milestone, I think: this is really it this time. My baby is no longer a baby. Itís slipped through my fingers, gone forever. But this is really, really it. The big one. He lost his front tooth. My phone rang at my desk this afternoon. I checked my caller ID as always, and when I saw it was home, something told me to pick up, even though I was in a meeting.

Michael: Honey, itís me, and Jake has something to tell you. (I instantly knew)
Jake: Mom, I lost my tooth.
Me: Really? How could you do that without me? (Yes, I really said that.)
Jake: Mom, it hurt really bad. I was eating my dinosaurs and tater tots, and dad pulled it. He used a paper towel.
Me: Did it hurt? Did it bleed? Did you save it? I meant to take one last picture of you in your toothÖ

This is where I started to cry. If you believe I am a hopeless sap, I will own it. I canít help it. But geez. Why couldnít they wait for me?