For this week's "3 Kits 3 Ways" challenge on the DD blog: Designer Details
Check out the wonderful products Mollie had for us this week... the only thing I added was text and title fonts (hehehe), one brown flossy stitch and a brush that Mollie had included on her very first DD order!
Pretty fun! Thanks for the great challenge this week!
(And, sorry for more soccer photos/layouts... we just ended the club season and now it's time for high school to start! Oh, and if you notice that the photo is blurry... yeah, I know.
I just LOVED the photo, tho, and HAD to use it! I'm hoping the B&W converstion helps w/the blurs! *wink*)

Newport Harbor High School. Freshman year and your next soccer team. Today was the first day of soccer tryouts and you rocked it!
I know that because you told me that Larry actually talked to you about playing varsity and let you leave early with all the varsity girls.
I am so darned proud of you and I know you will excel this year, whether it’s varsity or JV.
You’ve always dreamed of playing in high school and here you are... poised on the brink of just that! 11.7.08

The three (3) products we had to use:
Paper: Jefferson Paper Pack
Clock Hands: Clock Parts
Stitching: Brown Digital Stitching
The two things I added:
Flossy Stitch: Flossy Stitches, Brown
Brush: Digital Date Stamps Vol. 2

Thanks for looking! Debi