I found out that my 15yo DD had snuck out of the house at night a couple of times to meet friends. I was aghast. I found out courtesy of the photos and comments she'd posted on her mySpace. We've had a few heavy days at our place, but after a good heart-to-heart about it and a little scrap therapy I'm starting to see the funny side now . I've been warning her for years to be careful about what she posts on the Web - you never know who'll see it!!!

ETA: Bye-the-way, the circled section of her mySpace entry says
"..our plan worked perfectly... they have nooooo idea"


Anna Aspnes: Distressed toolkit#2
Katie Pertiet:
manilla tag - Shell Collector #4
Background paper - SeaSalt No2
angel tag - Vintage Flashcard Holiday
numbered tag - Simple Spots Numbers
cupstain - Filmed Layered Template No10
digiscrap: manila/craft paper - Unique
Kate Teague (2peasinabucket): paperclip - Best Of Vol1
[ksharonkdesigns] (twolittlepixels): tape, stitching, notepaper and polaroid frame - various kits
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