We signed our son up for swimming lessons this summer, and the schedule didn't end up working out for us, so we decided to give him lessons of our own. He took to it like a little duck to water, and enjoyed paddling around and chasing a ball. There wasn't any fear on his part, and to our amazement, he seemed to get the general idea of freestyle swimming without much instruction! Smile


Deckled Edges: Deckled Edge Photo Frames (Katie Pertiet)
Dotted Translucent Alpha: Adeline Kit (Katie Pertiet)
Tag: Winged Kit No. 1 (Katie Pertiet)
Stitches: Light Blue Digital Stitches (Katie Pertiet)
Numerals: Academic Sanded Alpha (Katie Pertiet)
Stamped circle: Circle Alpha Freebie (Kellie Mize)
Kraft Paper: Krafty Boy (Katie Pertiet)
Photo prongs: Gina Cabrera
Paper: Michelle Coleman
Star: Dinah Troutner

Font: Beautiful

TFL! Smile