I love this story so much, I had to make sure it was documented forever. I got my inspiration from ldtarbox and used Dani Mogstad's kit called MVP - Sweet Shoppe. Of course I always use Katie's drop shadows...if you don't have them it is a MUST HAVE. Font: Century Gothic

Journaling reads:
This is the first time we signed you up to play soccer and you landed on Team Argentina. There are so many funny stories about your season. I guess the first one being that your team NEVER scored one goal and therefore NEVER won one game. I donít think that upset any of you terribly bad, but as the parents watched, we wished for just ONE solitary goal....just ONE. Heck, you didnít even have to win the game, but we hoped for a score! It got so bad that Coach Johnny said he would buy you a puppy if you would score a goal. We are a family that travels quite a bit, so a puppy is very much out of the question, but you know I think I probably would have let you have one. Despite the fact that you never played soccer or even know the rules, I love this shot the best. You had the guts to get out in front of that player and stop the ball. He was sure he was going to score on you, but not this time....guess that goes for the puppy too!

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