just something i needed to write down:
"somehow, today as I watched you play and run
around, I saw you as such a big boy. I know it
is no surprise to you, but to me you are my baby
and its just hard to admit that you are so very
big and so independant. but look at this face,
look at this expression, it says no I dont want
to stop for a picture, no I dont want to hold
your hand, no I dont want you to clean my face.
time stood still for a moment as I stared in
disbelief that my little boy was so strong
willed, but then in a moment this same boy,
turned to me, tugged on my leg to be held
because he was tired, he reached for my hair to
hold and then kissed me. As if to reasure me
that he is my baby who needs me, if only for a
moment longer.I will hold dear these moment before they are gone."

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