So . . . this is a little "How'd They Do That?" sneak peek.


Tomorrow night's chat will be focusing on the cardboard technique used brilliantly by CT member Margarete in this page:

I hope to see you there!!

"Even though you are five years old in this photo, it instantly took me back to your toddler years . . . those years when you would stand at my knee and wail, wide-mouthed, over some perceived injustice or genuinely hurt feelings.

Here you’re really playing up this scraped elbow, an injury you would normally shrug off without a second thought. But this was the end of the day, and you were exhausted. And although the fact that this photo exists might suggest that your mother is indifferent to your pain, just know that, in reality, you felt you had my complete attention. I was holding the camera off to the right, just aiming randomly and hoping for a shot of this expression. It had been so long since I had seen it, I simply couldn’t resist."

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How'd They Do That? No 06: Offset Stamping

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