My DH took this picture of our 9 month old DD today. TFL!

All Katie Pertiet:
Snap Frame Flourished Squares no2
Floral Monogram alpha
Digitally Pressed Petals

Journaling reads:
“21 pounds, 9 ounces
28.25 inches long
4 bottom teeth, 2 top teeth
hand-foot-and mouth
showing off walking with push cart
throwing ball to mom
crying when mom leaves room
watching the cars
loves to be outside
hair getting curlier
loves cousins Ellie and Trey
jumping on bouncer chair
hates getting dressed or changed
clicking tongue
giggling when mom gets something
naughty out of your mouth
getting into all kinds of trouble
crossing your ankles
getting chased by dad
grinding your teeth
playing mom’s piano
standing alone for a second
giving kisses”