This photo was taken on a recent trip to France. It is not the photo that is particularly great because it isn't, even after I added a nice warm brown tone to it. It is the way the photo makes me feel that is exceptionally great! When I saw it, I immediately knew the story needed to be preserved for Maddie. This why I love to scrap events that look mundane on the surface, because even if the photo is not particularly fantastic, the back story is usually so worth telling!

Paislee Press - "Joy QP"
Paislee Press - Lark Elements - 3 little birds extracted with 1 recolored and placed where I needed them.

Gill Sans

Journaling Reads:
As I look at this photo, on the surface it
just appears like one little girl is
watching two other little girls.
But it is so much more than that.
Here you are in a foreign country
and Daddy has arranged for you
to take a riding lesson.
You did not have your proper gear.
You do not speak any French.
You are not familiar with this stable.
You were willingly and happily able
to go out and participate.
You stared at these
little girls for the longest time, caught
up in their giggling and conversation.
A conversation that you could not
understand, and as I took the photo
I wondered
what you must be thinking and feeling.
Did you feel isolated, alone, awkward, shy?
I know I would have.
I donít think you felt that way at all.
I think riding horses, even in a foreign land,
has its own universal language.
A language that you all three understood!
I hope you can always remember the
Two Little French Girls.

Thanks for looking!