The sky is not "my" sky, but one of Katie's papers. I extracted the Leaning Tower from one of my photos...

"I found Pisa to be a place with slightly schizofrenic tendencies...
On on hand, you have this gorgeous landmark of both historical importance and architectural greatness - or failure - depending on which way you want to look at it...
On the other hand, you have a commerce of souvenirs worse than any I have ever seen! Very loud, tacky and annoying!
I donít think this is a place I will ever want to go back to! But now at least I can say Iíve been there!
Still, Iím very happy that I convinced the others to go and it was such a short drive from Lucca!"

Paper from Katie Pertiet's "Cloudscapes 2"
Frames from Katie Pertiet's "ProofSheet Frames"
Alpha is Katie Pertiet's "Tall & Thin Alpha"

Font is Traveling Typewriter