The year we left the military, the children and I stayed with Aunt Velma from August until after Christmas while their daddy was looking for a job and a house for us to move into. The three boys started school where I attended as a child and then we moved to another town for the second half of that year. Hollis had always had an enormous imagination ... this little story is proof of that for sure!

The journaling reads:
It is the night of our first parent - teacher open house at school for Hollis’ 2nd grade classroom. We are at his desk looking at the work he has done when I picked up his new box of crayons ... opened it ... and saw that every crayon was broken in half. His teacher came up to us and told us that shortly after the school year began, she noticed that all of Hollis’ crayons were broken and asked him about them.

This was his reply . . . “I don’t know what happened. I was just sitting there when all at once my crayons started jumping up and going POP! POP! POP!” We should have know that there was a logical explanation!

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