Lov-e-ly Solids - Jesse Edwards
Folder: Lucky Gardner Kit - Katie Pertiet
Flossy Stitches: Bird Song Kit - Katie Pertiet
Distressed Brushes 7: Anna Aspnes
Double Dates 2: Kellie Mize
Fonts: CAC Shishoni Brush, Century Gothic

when i hear this song, it almost makes me cry. i know i'm a sap. Smile

i became pregnant in october 2001. it was a time of incredible uncertainty for our country. i remember being terrified of the threat of terrorism, and we were all shell shocked following the attack on our world trade center. it seemed unthinkable that a seemingly foreign threat had hit our sacred soil. nobody knew what would happen next, or what the future held for our world. today, more than six years later, uncertainty remains. our economic future is at risk, we’re at war, and our country stands in front of a pivotal election. | you will hold the keys for the next generation. please don’t waste this opportunity my little man, because there is one thing i know for sure: you can make a difference.