I know a lot of people have been wanting to see more of my art work, so here's page 2 of my favourite pieces. Hope you enjoy viewing them, I know they wont appeal to many, its different I know, but this is my style and I really enjoy it. I love adding texture, and my colour scheme almost has to have red in it, not sure why Smile Main subjects are poppies, tulips, vessels & wire torso, I also try and include text to add more visual interest, like my poems, quotes or scripture. Any way these are just some of my works ... enjoy!

text reads -
I love to paint, I started
young when my Dad gave
me my first painting set I
went crazy with them!
Stopped painting a bit
when I started high school
then took Bursary Painting
where I learnt a lot.
Never touched a paint
brush after that until my
wonderful husband bought
me all the materials as a
gift in the year 2005. I aim
to do the best I'm capable
of doing, I love to create
inspirational and modern
art, I like to work with
mixed media, and text.

Katie Pertiet LaCrem Chocolat Paper,white stitches,tag, cross stitch & paper clip from mega tag pack, metal button, crumpled Paper FlowersNo2, Freshly Worn overlays No3, and note paper
Anna's Blue Shimmer Paint Overlays (used different bits of this and recolored it)
Pattie's Shimmer Tidbits Splattered
L Sanford Frayed Fabric template
my art brushes