lift of KatrinaK’s YOU . I loved the doodled look and I also take inspiration from the many father-son topics she scraps.

journaling: I remember the moment before I took this photo. We were at Durham Day, and, Neil, you had been working the grill and other jobs, and the 4 of us were finally coming together. When Joshua saw you, he was moved naturally to hug you long and hard -- a big old boy hugging his Dad in the middle of a festival. Neil, you and I have both been struck by how generous Joshua is with his love and affection. Every time I see him do this, I wonder what it does to you, and I think the love he gives you is probably the purest you’ve received in your whole long life. 09*07v

Daylily paper pack (white paper)
Doodled Delight paper pack (green paper in title and circle doodle)
Doodled Daydreams kit (bird, stars, heart doodles)
Doodle Do Frames No 02 brushes-n-stamps
12x12 Distressed Edge Overlays No 01
Fling LET, Century Gothic, Impact fonts