journaling: The other day *YOU* noticed what I feel like Iíve been remarking on for a while -- that when you stand with me it seems your eyes are getting nearer to my eye level. I said that I knew this but you insisted it was more than usual. ďAnd itís Freaking Me out!Ē you said. Freaking *you* out? It never occurred to me that weíd have similar reactions to this. Dec 2007.

The Artistís Hand No 1 Paper Pack by Dana Zarling :: coming soon ::
Krafty Ledger paper pack
MonoBlendz Cream-Paperie

12x12 Distressed Edge Overlays No 01
Freshly Worn brushes-n-overlays No 03

Aged Alphabet

Dirty Cardboard Flames
Krafty Photo Frames No 02 Curled-n-flat
EnCounting Brush Set
Twill Tabs clean-n-dirty
Asst. Tapes

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