I enjoy spending time with friends -- but Im not good at making time for it. This was a year ago January. Right now Im a bit on the outs with Jill because of my infrequent appearances this fall -- right when Id announced Id be more available -- but all of a sudden Mondays are the only day she can meet and on Mondays, I need/want to work. It took me over 30 years to discover how much I like being alone -- and then once I had a family being with them. So . . . theres only so much time to go around, and Im stingy with it . . . but maybe I should be more generous in 08?

Katie Pertiet, Community Center papers ::coming 1/6::
Katie Pertiet, Graphic Pop Borders ::coming soon::
Little Folded Ribbon Bits
Button Brights Element set
Notebook Edge Frames
Under the Tree kit (alpha)
Freshly Worn brushes-n-overlays No 03
Red Digital Stitching
Clip-its Flowers
Fling LET, Pea Shirley fonts