I loved playing with Cassie's tutorial today – the whole blending look and technique isn't something I'm real familiar with. As usual, I learned a ton. Thanks, Cassie.

journaling: Somewhere along the way to 12 you’ve become a wise-guy. It’s not real bad -- ’cause you’re still a tender boy who doesn’t want to hurt people’s feelings -- but it’s unnerving. Yesterday--the day before Christmas--you read in the bathtub for a long time, and when you got out, I made sure you combed your hair, and I asked you to put on a nice sweater. I wanted to take some photos in front of the tree while things were somewhat tidy. I found you in a yellow-gray layered t-shirt-thing, and I moaned. Dad said, “Josh, put on the sweater.” As you struggled into the sweater (over your t-thing) you said, “Why does everything have to be posed?” I said, “Hardly anything around here is posed. In 90% of the photos I have of you, you either have food on your face, wild hair, or you’re wearing pajamas.” You said, “And how’s that working for you? You‘ve written a book using all those pictures. Your book’s on Amazon. Seems to me like it’s working.” And I thought: why, I oughta . . . hug you before you get too wise for that sort of thing, too.

Laying It All Out No 09: Blending In and Standing Out
Botanist Notebook No 17 kit
Mango Shakes paper pack
Messy Stamped Alpha No 02 brushes-n-stamps
Graphic Pop Grunge Cluster-n-Frames brushes
Glider Girls, Century Gothic, Nosebleed, Pea Olson fonts.

I blended paper from Botanist 17 over paper from Mango Shakes for the background and then used the brushes from Cassie's tutorial—subbing in the graphic pop brushes for the corners.