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March 2007 - Itís official. College is in your future. Bought and paid for. An incredible privilege. There is no worry of struggling to pay off student loans in your future. How I dreamed of this opportunity. I understood at an early age what an education meant. But I also knew it was up to me to make it happen on my own.

Itís possible that when youíre a teenager, you may look at dad and I and wonder why weíre not giving you more material things. Our decision to teach you to work hard is a conscious choice to help you grow into a self-sufficient person. Instead of indulging your every whim, we give you opportunity. Someday youíll understand itís the best gift youíll ever receive.

So here you are, a four year old, with an opportunity so many dream of having. You have a mission: do your best. Get into the best school you can. Commit yourself to success. And whatever happens, dad and I will be so proud.