for Debi's Just My Type challenge -- used Dirty English font for "like this" in the title. I thought it was too dirty for my taste but it works! I lightened up the area behind it with outer glow layer style.

6th grade is lots of work, Joshua. Almost every morning you are out of the house before any of us, walking up the driveway a little before 7. I can tell from this photo that you had gym today because your shirt is inside-out. Wait! -- that’s not your shirt, it’s Dad’s. I think it was me who pulled it from the laundry basket in the dark as Dad slept. You got home late because of the snow, had a little time to hang out, but then spent a lot of time on homework. And--oh, yeah!--you said, “I’ve got a math exam tomorrow. Where is that practice website?” I dug through a basket of papers, while you called friends and we found the site. We are not a family who is strong on routine. With Dad and me working at home much of the time, we have flexibility and our days are often varied rather than scheduled. Sixth grade demands discipline, though, and as you work at night, you get tired, sometimes a little weepy, often complaining about how the other 6th grade team has it so easy and you can’t wait for the weekend. I remember having that realization myself at some point that the week was a lot of work. I can’t change this for you. One of my strongest wishes for you is that you grow up to find and be able to do work you like -- because work is a big part of an adult life. One more detail about this especially long day. You got in bed about 9, and then remembered: “I need to make a study guide for the Social Studies exam!” “What?” I was as annoyed as you -- at you and at the work--if it hadn’t been for the snow, you’d have been at your band concert til 9. Yep. It was a long day and there will be more of them and you can do it and I love you.

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