Say it isnít so! After six wonderful years together, youíre seizing up on us? Surely it canít be! And thatís why we rolled you up a plywood platform & into our front hall. Perhaps ice has frozen inside you. Alas, though, there was no melt, and so, this week, weíre relying on the kindness of neighbors with plows and using those primitive things called shovels. Soon we will get that call from Sears that a new thrower has arrived. Not to worry, though, weíre hoping to find you a good home with someone who knows how to pamper an engine like yours. Dec 15-17, 2007.

Lynn Grieveson, Check It Out Paper Pack
Katie Pertiet, Messy Alpha
Pattie Knox, Felt Friends Polar Escape
Pattie Knox, Brad Bonanza
Katie Pertiet, Krafty Cuts Botanical
Katie Pertiet, Spot Dots No 2 paper
Katie Pertiet, Graphic Pop Basics paper
Anna Aspnes, Monoblendz Avalanche paper
Letter Gothic, Pea Shirley fonts