Mindy Terasawa, Jolly Liíl Friends Kit (papers, ornament)
Katie Pertiet, Under the Tree Kit (ribbon, alpha)
Katie Pertiet, Liíl Red Wagon (zig zag stitching)
Katie Pertiet, Mail Room No 1 (paper0
Katie Pertiet, Paper Reveals No 2 (curl)
Pea cammie-pea, Pea Marcie, Fling LET fonts

Oh, Neil, those of us who know and love you, understand all the layers of humor and affection in this gesture made by our never-met-a-decoration-he-didnít-like neighbor, Chris (& his family) for you (a not-sure-he-ĒgetsĒ-decorations guy). And then thereís your status as well-known- town-councillor people either love or hate and the Wilsons hit a home run with this display set up at the top of our driveway a couple of days before Christmas. You gotta know we love you. Ď06