This is a page that is directly scraplifed from one Lynn G. called "The Picnic" and I used Lynn's kits called Pelican Lake and Summerbreeze. I adore these kits and they are so perfect to scrap a vacation where there is GREEN! Or if you are scrapping some pictures from New Zealand where she lives and where these shots are taken. The kiwi's love the word BRILLIANT and I have adopted it as well. This really was a "Brilliant" day.
Font: CK Journaling.

Journaling Reads: The back story to this little adventure is too funny. If you ask my Mom what was one of her favorite parts of her trip to New Zealand, she would tell you when we ventured to Mt. Damper Falls. This day started very innocently
when we dropped Maddie off at school and headed to a beach area called “The Three Sisters.”
Due to miscalculating the tides, we had to make alternative plans. When we passed that Mt. Damper Falls sign I said to Mom, “Shall we go check it out?” Of course my Mom is game for anything, and said “SURE!” We had no idea where we were headed, we hadn’t told Bill where we were going to be, we didn’t have any water or snacks, we had no map, and my cell phone was out of that makes for a great adventure!
Our day was full of laughs, a good hike, a funny cow, a big truck, and lots of green ferns and gravel roads. As the kiwi’s would say, “It was BRILLIANT!” And it was. I am ready to go again,
how about you Mom?