Pattie Knox - Speed Byte 89
Anna Aspnes - Mono Blendz Sol

Yes, I love music. Always have. Smile

When I was in high school, my life revolved around music. Anything was tolerable if the right tunes were playing. Even at 16, I knew we were in the midst of a cultural revolution. The 70ís seemed ancient. There was MTV bringing us new British bands with weird hair, and weirder videos. I loved it. Arland, Lynn and I would wait until the top of the hour to watch the MTV rocket blast off so Martha Quinn could announce the rotation for the next hour. | I was immersed in new music and swore I would always be current - even when I was 30. Looking back, the 80ís gave us a lot of fluff. But now I know that some of my favorites of the time deserve to be considered classics.